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Lead in My Pipes NJ?


There are a lot of elements and minerals that are present in our drinking water. Some of these elements and minerals come naturally with the water and others came from your water pipes. Lead became, a widespread mineral used in the creation of people’s waters pipes. We are seeing such instances of these in place, like Flint, Michigan. That is where people have paid the ultimate sacrifice because of the ignorance of a few. If you have any questions about Lead in my pipes, then give Super Service Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning a call today.lead in my pipes

Why is There Lead in My Pipes NJ?

Lead piping was used because of its unique ability to resist pinhole leaks, while being soft enough to form into shapes that deliver water most efficiently. It wasn’t until much later that we learned having lead in my pipes is a recipe for catastrophe.

Things you should do to avoid Lead in Drinking Water

1. Monitor water quality.
2. Maintain or upgrade your water pipe systems to ensure that water circulates properly.
3. Add corrective measures when necessary to prevent lead from home plumbing fixtures from affecting water quality.
4. Carefully plan and conduct thorough water quality testing before using any new source of water.
5. Call your trusted plumber to check for lead in water or piping to help you on what to do if there is any.

How to Make your Home Safe from Lead in your Drinking Water.

The most common source of lead in drinking water is the corrosion, or wearing away. Having Lead in my pipes can happen because of household plumbing fixtures and water system components that contain trace amounts of lead. If you are unsure about lead levels in your home, try to take these precautions.

1. Flush your lines.
2. Flush new pipes.
3. Replace pipes joined with lead solder.
4. Avoid cooking with or drinking water from the hot water tap.
5. Call your trusted plumber to check for lead in water or piping to help you on what to do if there is any.