Basic Plumbing Checklist for Homeowners

Your plumbing system is not going to last forever, no matter how much we tell ourselves that it can.  In order to keep it running as it should, it must be maintained properly and regularly. You can’t expect it to run smoothly when you’ve allowed it to sit for years without taking a look at it close up.

A basic but thorough plumbing inspection can…

  • Help your plumbing run better,
  • Make your plumbing last much longer, and
  • Keep required repairs to a bare minimum.

Here’s a checklist your friends here at Super Service Plumbing put together for basic inspection of your plumbing system at your home or business, segmented by general area:

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This checklist should be gone through at least once, preferably twice, each year.  Make sure to have us come out and do an inspection annually for a professional’s take on your plumbing’s overall health.  It will pay off to use the experts here at Super Service Plumbing if even only one problem is found early on. Take a water leak for example – by the time you even know you have a problem, floorboards could be rotting and moldy and electrical wiring could be compromised.  Good luck and here’s to a problem-free plumbing system!

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