A Checklist for Choosing an HVAC System

superplumbersnj-hvac-systemIf you are moving into a new home or are currently in the market, you will eventually have to consider the type of HVAC system you will want, even if there is already one in the home. After moving into a home you may find that you are not satisfied with the previous HVAC system and would like to purchase something more suitable to your needs. Below you will find some helpful information that will help you determine the right type of HVAC System for your home:

  • Refrigerant Type
    According to Federal law, R-22 was phased out in 2015. Other types of refrigerant might be very expensive unless you choose an environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant.
  • Ductwork & Design
    In order to achieve your desired level of comfort, your ducts must be properly balanced and sized. One of your best options is to have an externally insulated round duct installed. Avoid the long runs of flexible duct.
  • Indoor Units Location
    Purchasing a furnace that can be mounted floor level, such as, inside of a closet, helps you to avoid water damage. Those which are installed in an attic can leak and cause damage to your home’s interior.
  • Efficiency
    The minimum efficiency level should be 13-SEER. The higher the SEER, the less you will pay in energy bills.
  • Filter Dryer
    This helps to remove moisture and grit that can be damaging to your compressor. Have one installed in your air-conditioner liquid line and extend the life of your compressor.
  • Location of Air-filter
    These should be easy for you to access. Make sure you can easily access yours by having an easy-to-reach HVAC system installed since this is something you will need to replace several times per year in order for your unit to work efficiently.

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