A Heating System that Warms the Coldest Jack Frost


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Is your heating system broken? It’s that time of year when the freezing cold hits and the heating system in homes and business are in overdrive. No one realizes that the heat can be overworked and that it requires routine maintenance. At Royal Pro we want our customers to get the most out of their heater in order to stay safe and warm for the winter season.

Is your heating system over-worked?

Have you ever had one of those cold nights where you switch on the heat, but nothing happens? Most people think that they have to wait until the morning to call a heating technician to come and assess the problem, but that’s not the case with Royal Pro! We are available for emergency services to anyone in the North New Jersey counties such as Passaic, Morris, Union, Hudson, Essex, and Bergen.
It’s important to keep your heating system maintained and checked annually before you need to turn it on. For starters, many heaters have filters that need to be replaced regularly. They can build up dust, which is bad for quality air control, and the flow of heat to your home.

Did you know that the ventilation needs to be routinely cleaned? Much like filters, vents in any home or business establishment, need to be inspected and cleaned of debris and dust. This will ensure maximum heat is being passed through the vents, which keeps your heater running efficiently. The last thing you want to do is wait until the hot water heater breaks, and the furnace or boiler malfunctions.

It’s best to get your heating system checked once a year by a Royal Pro certified technician. We can fix, repair, replace, or install a heating system and everything involved with it like thermostats. Thermostats are especially tricky. Don’t make the mistake of only running the heat when you’re home! If there’s too much downtime between the heat being on, then it could lead to disaster in the long run. From our experience, if the thermostat is set too low, then the pipes could freeze and/or burst open! Call us today so our licensed technicians can get in there and service your heating system before something worse happens!

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