Why You Should Have A Water Softener Installed in Your Home

residential-water-softner-superplumbersnjIf you are a homeowner, you may already be familiar with water softeners. You might think that it is an unnecessary expense that you can live without. However, once you hear about the long-term benefits of having a water softener installed, you may reconsider. If the idea of saving money and having clean water flowing through your home is appealing to you, this is certainly something to consider.

1. Ability to maintain existing appliances for longer periods of time.
Minerals often found in hard water can create buildup in appliances where water is used. These include your dishwasher, faucets, ice maker, showerheads and laundry machine. As hard water continues to flow through these appliances, it is damaging the internal components and eventually begins to affect the way the appliance performs. This means that you may have to replace these items sooner than you would like.

2. Improve the condition of your skin, hair, and nails.
This may not be important to everyone but to those who have certain skin conditions, it might be. Your skin’s pores are often clogged by the minerals found in hard water. Hard water is what makes your skin feel dry. When you are using soft water, your skin’s own natural oils are then produced, leaving your skin and hair softer and well hydrated.

3. Decrease your energy bill with a water softener.
When your water heater has a water softener, no matter the type of heater you have, you can reduce your energy expenses by up to 29%. Also, because of the water heater efficiency, it will heat faster.

4. Dishes and Clothing will appear cleaner when you have a water softener.
If you often have trouble keeping your whites white and your colors bright, this can be remedied by installing a water softener.

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